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Social Media Code of Conduct

This post details the Igala UK social media code of conduct to govern members' use of our social media platforms, particularly WhatsApp.


​​Ground rules:

​​- No spamming.

​​- No posting of adult, violent or disturbing graphical content.

​​- No posting of content from unverifiable sources.

​​- If you post a link, picture or any media, please comment on why posted the link.

​​- Be mindful of others' religious and political views and their right to dignity.

​​- Be polite and respectful to members of the group and others at all times.

- No overtly religious, partisan political, sexist or ethnicist posts are permitted.

- Members may advertise their products or services on saturdays (market days) only and such adverts must not make unsubstantiated claims about the product or service(s). Responses to such adverts must be made via private messaging and not in the group. The group is not intended to be a rowdy market place.

- Let's keep our group clean, entertaining and warm. Fun and educative.

- Posters of offending material may be suspended from the group.

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Last updated: 24th May 2021


Want to join the Igala UK WhatsApp group to meet other members? Please register your details via and you will be contacted by a member of the EXCO team.

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