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In memory of Bakwo

In honour of our beloved brother, we have created this memorial page to collect messages, memories and photos you all have of him.


Do you have a memory or story you would like to share? You can use the form below, email or send it via our WhatsApp group and it will be posted here.


Your tributes

Daddy!  I just wanted to tell you, thank you for me, thank you for your love for us, for your support, for your words, for everything you have done for us all your life, you are the best man in my life, I want you to remember  as I said my first word dad, we had a special bond with you, I know you wanted to see your grandson, we were all waiting for this together, I hope you see him now and take care of him, I know that you are next to me next to my son,  I know that you see me, I can feel it!  I miss you very much, your wisdom and kindness, your smile, our jokes with you, how we laughed together!  I just miss you!  I just really hope that you are in a better world and you are calm now!  You will always be in our hearts!  You will always be with us!  I love you very much daddy!  Best Dad, Husband and Grandpa !!!

Diane Bakwo


Good night Uncle Bakwo, he called me when he came back and discussed with me on bringing me to his office in Nigeria to provide a quality management consultancy to his Department. He watched my video on FB and called me. Very lively person, you will be greatly missed. My heart is still heavy. May God continue to console the family you have left behind. This is hard to believe Uncle Bakwo.

Enefola Odiba



Rest in Paradise Unc, may your legacy live on and may you never be forgotten. A King in his own right. My thoughts are with the family 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

Timothy Ogu


So sad. Our condolences to his family. Rest in peace, Bakwo.

Abdu Opaluwa


Bakwo as I use to him. He is a true brother and friend. His death sound as a shock and incredible to me . May God almighty give the family the courage to bear loss. Brother Bakwo may ur gentle soul rest in perfect peace. Amen.

Elias Omale


So sad. I have lost a personal friend. He will be  missed. May his soul rest in peace.  Rest on my brother and friend.

Godwin Agbo


Really sorry to hear this sad news. What a loss ! 😢May God grant his family and friends the comfort and strength at this time. May his soul rest in peace🙏Amen

Achenyo Ochuma


Rest peacefully dear brother Bakwo. Such a sad time for us all😥

Barbara Okoliko


I still cannot come to terms with the reality of the demise of my younger brother/friend Bakwo, who has always looked up to me as his life's compass. Bakwo, as you're fondly known, your memory will be indelible in the minds of all those that came across you in life. Your social disposition had been intoxicating, you loved all those that came your way. Always ready to help at the earliest beckon.

You have always referred every aspect of your life to me for advice and guidance, even as you relocated to Nigeria. I will definitely miss your cheerful approach to life's troubles.

Your young family will definitely miss your fatherly and sweet touch. 

Those phone calls have now ceased.

All our WhatsApp chats have ceased.

Nobody calls me "my Oga" anymore.

My London trips will no more be fascinating.

Rest in peace my brother. 

May the good Lord grant your soul eternal rest in his bosom.

Adieu Bakwo.


Engr. Dr. Abubakar Adama


Goodbye our dear Bakwo !! We will always remember you. You will forever remain in our memory and in our heart, as a wonderful person who loved life very much. This disease took you away from us, from your children and wife, from your grandson. This is very painful and a great loss for everyone. We mourn together with everyone. Goodbye, our dear friend.

Anna Okolo


Goodnight dear inlaw.. Husband and friend...words have failed me.....your goods works are already speaking.... Thank you for all the love you have shown us.. as a family.. we find solace in Lord...🙏🙏🙏😭😭😭.. We will meet at the feet of Christ... Good night and sleep on..

Destiny Adejo


My beloved brother from another mother. God give and God take, who is me to question God. I am really going to miss calling BAKWIOUS as I always call you and hearing your response Enebi Dugbe!!! May God grant your soul eternal rest. I pray that God will give your wife and children the grace to carry on with the family responsibilities. Adieu my brother!!!

Enebi Shaibu Onucheyo


Those special memories of you will always make me smile, If only I could have you back, Just for a while. Then we could sit and talk again, Just like we use to do. You always meant so much to me, and always will do too. The fact that you're no longer here, Will always cause me pain, But you're forever in my heart. Until we meet again! Adieu, Engr. Bakwo Abdullahi Ikanni

Suleiman Akwuh


Walking the rest of the path of friendship alone is heartbreaking. Rest in Peace my one of the BEST friend condolences to the whole family.

Ricky Ovens


Oh, daddy if death were to be a man we would have wrestled with it. But who are we to question God? I won't forget your words of kindness, you loved and accommodated us all . You are such a loving soul but death took you away from us too soon. I will forever miss you. One thing am sure of is that you are in heaven with the angels singing hosanna hosanna. Continue to rest in peace.

Grace Adejo


Doga you left without our face to face meeting as you promised to call me for us to me until I got unexpected called from Queen Elizabeth Hospital to come and say final goodbye to you Omatayi I never knew you are in the Hospital we were all tears suddenly your health was improving at very fast rate until I got a heart broken called from Alhaji Tito that you have gone to a better place, may hereafter be a better place for you and may the Good Lord forgive you for all your shortcomings. Rest in peace my Bro ☘️🍀🍂🍁🌺🌸🌺🌹💐

Isah Mohammed


A wonderful person has departed planet earth. Bakwo you clinched to us like one family. You allowed my husband to play a fatherly role in your life, all my children were your brothers and sisters, you knew them all by their first names and you were always forthcoming whenever they needed any help. Hmmmm what a loss to us all that came across this fine gentleman. Death, where is thy sting, for Bakwo's good deeds in life will surely attract the Lord's mercy upon his soul. Rest in peace my brother. May the good Lord console your beautiful wife and those cute little children you left behind.

Hassana Adama


We love but God loves you more. Rest in peace in the bosom of your maker.

Yemi & Angela


Oh! Dadisco.. thank you for being so good ,you are accommodating, fun to be with and always ready to render help. Your kindness, gentle Spirit and good deeds will not be forgotten. I'm deeply hurt beyond words. But I take solace in God,Knowing we will meet when Christ comes. We all miss and love you. Rest on dadisco.

Gloria Adejo


Dadisco, a name we call you because you are one of a caring father, husband and a brother. I lack words to describe you. I spoke with you just before you went to sleep, and was hopeful you will wake up to call me SOLO as you always do. My heart is pained but my consolation is that you are resting in the bossom of our Lord Jesus Christ. You will be missed greatly. Rest in Peace

Solomon Adejo


Eddie boy the first words that you say either on the phone or face to face. I'm still in denial, but our Lord knows best. I'm gonna miss you till the end of time my brother from another mother. We've been there for each other ever since we've known each other, throughout the struggles and good times. May the Lord receive you in his bosom till we meet again. Rest well my brother.

Edwin Amartey


This is very sad news. May the Almighty God   welcome him to heaven and let perpetual light shine upon him. RIP. Amen🙏.
Fidelis Okoliko


Bakwo, may your soul rest in peace. No more (ALAMI OFICER) as we use to call each other's attention, I will miss you my good friend.

Nicholas Ayogu


Wow. Rest in peace with the Lord my great friend. Windy! Like wind you have being everywhere and touch many lives starting from Nigeria to Russia to Kazakhstan to Ukraine to Russia again to USA to Trinidad to UK to Nigeria again back to UK and everywhere in between. Now that the lord has called you home, who are we to question why? We can only pray that you rest peace. May God give comfort to your families and Friends as we all enjoy the best memories you shared with us. Thank you for being a friend,a brother, a husband, a father and a grandfather. Rest in perfect peace Bakwo (Windy)

Dominic Ugbedah


Bakwo.what a wonderful person you are, we were all looking forward to your returning to your family in Nigeria but out creator knows better. Rest in peace

Nathaniel Alfa


Oh (dadisco) as I would often call you, its actually your turn for a tribute? My heart is heavy and even more sorrowful as I write this...This is rather too soon! It's sudden and unexpected, I won't say our relentless prayers were in vain, because nothing happens without the knowledge of God. Since your demise, things have not been the same but who am I to question God's integrity. We did not get to say goodbye and now all we can do is cry and live with the wonderful memories we have shared, what do we tell the children who keep telling us daddy will be back? Words can't describe this tragic moment. All that keeps echoing in my head is, why do terrible things happen to good people, you were undeserving of this. But while you are being laid to rest today, we take solace in the fact that your mission on earth have been fulfilled and we are grateful to God for your life as we bid you farewell until we meet again at the Lord's fest. Earth hath no sorrow that heaven cannot heal, good night Dadisco, you have been a father, friend and everything extraordinary. You will be greatly missed.

Onahi Adejo


My uncle You always thought of me as a son and I thought of you as a father. I believe that everything in this world happens according to God's will and now you are on the other side. I will always remember you and the time we spent together in joy. Rest in peace my dear uncle and let your soul rest from the physical world while we do the rest.

Martin Okolo

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